Resident Services

Supporting our local community.

Community Supportive Services Administration

The Community Supportive Services Administration (“CSSA”) serves as the Authority’s liaison with the local community. We network with community service providers, and coordinate public & private resources that provide social services to assist residents in becoming economically self-sufficient.

The CSSA informs site managers, staff and residents of opportunities to apply for needed services and benefits and provides assistance on how to do so. We refer residents, as needed, to appropriate service providers in the general community, while ensuring that agencies maintain their confidentiality. These services may include medical, parenting, financial, educational, recreational, counseling, transportation, services to families, meals on wheels, preventive health screenings and other needed services.

Adam Bucky James Community Center

The Adam Bucky James Community Center is currently closed to the public due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. During the Pandemic we have allowed the City to use the Center periodically for COVID testing and vaccinations.