Staff Directory

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First Last Dept. Title Extension Email Address
Executive Staff:
Gloria Wright Admin Executive Director 124 [email protected]
Sophia Banks Admin Executive Administrative Assistant 124 [email protected]
Morena Gonzalez Admin Administrative Assistant 142 [email protected]
TBH Admin Receptionist/Secretary 110
Finance/Procurement Staff:
Kevin McCann Finance Director of Finance 132 [email protected]
Neel Lahkani Finance Payroll Manager 134 [email protected]
Jody Jablin Finance Accounting Manager 126 [email protected]
TBH Finance Accounts Payable
Allison Toy Procurement IT/Procurement 153 [email protected]
Housing Choice Voucher Staff:
Iris Blanco HCV (Sect. 8) HCV Director 121 [email protected]
Deidre Amato HCV (Sect. 8) HCV Supervisor 113 [email protected]
Nilsa Villanueva HCV (Sect. 8) HCV Housing Technician 114 [email protected]
Vania Salazar HCV (Sect. 8) HCV Housing Technician 128 [email protected]
Nichell Hicks HCV (Sect. 8) HCV Housing Inspector 122 [email protected]
Maintenance Staff:
Danny Marino Maint Director of Maintenance 133 [email protected]
Leah Taylor Maint Secretarial Assistant ‐ Maintenance 123 [email protected]
Donna Davis Maint Maintenance Secretary 107 [email protected]
Property Management Staff:
Takia Walker Admin Director of Housing Management & Woodrow Wilson 116 [email protected]
Tiffany Morales Admin Site Manager ‐ Garfield, Seaview Manor & Hobart 118,167 [email protected]
Lisa Normandia Admin Site Manager ‐ Kennedy, Chester & Presidential 138 [email protected]
George Young Admin Assistant Site Manager ‐ Kennedy, Chester & Presidential 109 [email protected]
Natalie Turner Admin Director of Occupancy/Security 137 [email protected]
Tenant Services Staff:
Dorothy Amedu Admin Community Supportive Service Administrator 130 [email protected]
Terry Mason Admin Ross/Tenant Services Coordinator 169 [email protected]
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